Monday, April 1, 2013

Nice to meet you!

Hi~ My name is Morgan Safford.

I'm 17 years old and a senior at Essex High School. I live in Essex Junction, Vermont, with my parents and our three pugs. I have one older sister who lives in a dorm for college now. 

I like watching movies, eating, reading, traveling, etc.

I prefer doing activities in the warmer seasons. I sometimes go to the lake, go camping, just relax, or travel!

I can't wait to meet you all in a few weeks ^^


  1. Hi!I'm Hinako.
    It is wamer in Tottori.It feels good^^
    I am looking forward to meet you!

    1. Anonymous4/04/2013

      Hi, Hinako!
      Thanks for the comment~
      Great! I hope it gets warmer here, too. It snowed the other day x)

      So am I ^^