Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nice to meet you!

My name is Kanon Sumi.
Please call me Kanon.

I'm a 10th grade student of Yonago Higashi Highschool.
I'm a member of blassband club.
I can play the piano,drums,and bassoon.

I like listing to music and watching movies.

☝︎This is the bassoon! 
☝︎I'm on the left of  the picture!
☝︎With my home room teacher!

I want to make a lot of friends in Vermont.
Also, I want to know more about Vermont and studens of Vermont.
I will go to Burlington High school.
Let's talk and have fun!

I'm looking forward to meet you!
See you soon!

Nice to meet you! I'm Yo Ishina!


My name is Yo Ishina!
I'm 11grade student in Tottori NISHI high school.

I like to play and watch sports, especially running!

I would like to talk with a lot of people, and learn about many things.
For example, how high school students in Vermont are living, studying, thinking, interested in, and so on.
And I also wanna tell you about Japanese culture!

I cannot wait to visit Vermont and meet you!
See you soon!