Friday, April 5, 2013

Hiraga Chika

My name is Chika Hiraga.
I am fourteen years old(3rd grader in JuniorHighSchool = 9th grader).
I play basketball after school.
I like reading books.
I will enjoy welcome party because I want to hear about America's famous places.

My elder brother, Katsumi, enjoyed this program in VT in March 2012.
He lives in dormitory of his school, that's why I will host you in my house though I'm not a high school student.


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  2. Hello~
    I will be staying in your home during our time in Tottori :)
    It is so nice to finally meet you!
    I look forward to getting to know you Chika-san!

    Julia Laramee

    1. I want to learn about America.
      I will talk about Japan and Japanese for you.
      I want to meet you, too!

    2. OK! Is there anything specific you want to know about America? (food,music, places, ETC.)

      Yes! please teach me much about Japan and Japanese...I know some Japanese but not too much.

  3. I know your brother! I was friends with him when he came to Vermont! :)

    1. Oh, you will be coming, too.
      My brother is studying at Yonago National College of Technology. You will visit there on 26th. If you find him, please talk to. He will be glad!