Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hi! My name is Yumiko Moriwaki. I live in East part of Tottori.
I'm 17-year-old and a student of Tottori-West high school (which is one of the school you will visit during this program).

As you can see, I play Japanese archery and I'm absorbed in it!
I like talking with my friends, eating, watching movies, listening to music...and so on.

I have 2 dogs, left is Robin, right is Sharp. I love playing with them :)
Is there anyone who has dogs??

I went to Vermont in March 2012 and had a great time there!! I hope you also enjoy staying here and like Tottori :) I'm so excited to meet you!


  1. Hi~
    I just wanted to say, your dogs are so cute <3
    are they siblings?

    (by the way---in responce to your question, I have a dog! his name is gus :))

    Julia Laramee

    1. Hi :)
      Actually, they are not siblings but uncle (Sharp) and nephew (Robin)! they're very good friends!


    2. Ohhh!
      That makes sense :)
      (Sharp looks very young---or should I say very "sharp" ;p for being the uncle :))
      It's cute that they're such good friends as well \(>.<)/