Thursday, September 27, 2012


Welcome to Green Across the Pacific's Tottori-Vermont Environmental Leadership Exchange Blog! This year, we welcome Burlington High School, Vermont, to our program. Mount Abraham Union High School, Bristol, Vermont, and schools throughout Tottori Prefecture, Japan, continue to engage with this exciting program. From October 19th to 28th, Vermont schools will host students from Tottori, Japan, for a study of Food and Food Systems. Participating Students: Please introduce yourself and respond to the following prompt questions to begin a conversation: -Make a list of 8-10 different food items that are grown or produced within your state or prefecture. -Are there any foods that your state or prefecture is famous for? What are they? -What is your favorite locally produced food? -Describe a meal from your state or prefecture that has cultural, historical, community or family significance to it. -What are some fish and animal products from your state or prefecture? -Is there a food item that is not produced locally that you would like to see grown or produced in your state or prefecture? -Is there a food item that you like that cannot be produced in your state or prefecture? Where does it come from and how is it transported to your state or prefecture? -Does your school serve locally produced food? Do you like it? -Do you think that there is a relationship between local food production and environmental conservation? Why? Why not? Explain your response. Plan to photograph and post typical meals over the coming weekend. We are looking forward to seeing all of you together in a month!

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