Friday, September 28, 2012

About Rachel Cohn-Guthrie:)

Hi my name is Rachel Cohn-Guthrie! My japanese name is Minazuki,mina for short:)

I am 15 years old and I am a Sophmore in High school. I go to Burlington High School in Burlington, Vermont. I love to dance, sing, play volleyball, and draw. I am on the Dance team and volleyball team at school, and I am also a part of a a club called International Club(we talk about different cultures help other kids and do international cooking).

I live in two houses. One is with my mom, and my yellow lab(teddy) and my black lab(tula). The other house is with my Dad, and my little Carin terrier(Phoebe). My sister and I spend equal time with each:) And my aunt lives next door to my mom!

My goals in life are to go to japan;) and become a mangaka and a dancer! Wish me luck!

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